About Us

We are a passionate family restaurant. Our passion was ignited by our parents to celebrate food and our guest’s experiences. We embrace our guests with heartfelt hospitality, and are intent on exceeding their expectations. We love what we do! Let us show you something different and new!

Jake and Seth Berman in front of Noodles WEB

Our Story

Born and raised in Long Island, New York, our Mom and Dad were particular about the quality of food they prepared, and never sacrificed on the high standard of ingredients in our meals. For generations, our family did not just eat – we feasted – and enjoyed wonderful flavors from all over the world. Nutritious, healthy and delicious food was always a must, and that premise shaped our lifelong eating habits. As a result, we are always creating new healthy and exciting cuisines.

As we traveled and worked in restaurants throughout the Northeast – from New York to Nantucket, from Newport to Florida – we sharpened our culinary skills. In 1991, we opened our first restaurant, tucked away in a small strip plaza on Pine Ridge Road in Naples, FL, and created a new culinary concept called “Noodles Café.” Here, our family opened its doors, inviting customers to “Feast in Our Home.”

We invite you to have lunch or dinner with us! We can't wait to meet you.

Matt Benevento-Berman & Seth Benevento-Berman
Founders and owners